1. Can I own property in Costa Rica?
Yes. Anyone can own property in Costa Rica including foreigners. You can verify your ownership of the property on line at the Registro Nacional de Costa

2. Will my family and I be safe there?
Yes. Costa Rica is the most stable country by far in Central America. The Nicoya peninsula is a very quiet area of the country with crime being rare. Crime  rates in Canadian cities are far higher than those in around Paquera, Costa Rica.

3. Can I get cable TV and internet?
Yes. Cable Tica is the local service provider TV and internet with Wifi can be connected within a week or so.

4. What are taxes like?
Annual property taxes are very low, about 10-15% of what we pay in Canada. There is a one time government tax on house sales of five percent.

5. What about utilities?
Power and water are connected to every home from ESCONDIDO DEVELOPMENTS. The water is from the municipal system and perfectly safe to drink. Utility expenses are a mere fraction of what they are in Canada. Water and power costs are only about $14-$20 each a month!

6. What if I need medical and dental services?
There is a medical clinic right in Paquera. Dentists are available at very reasonable rates in Puntarenas.

7. What about transportation?
Public buses run from Paquera to other towns on the peninsula such as Cobano, Montezuma, and Mal Pais. Local taxis will take you anywhere at very low rates.

8. Can I drive in Costa Rica?
Yes. A valid driver’s license is all you need. Car rentals are available and if you buy a vehicle, the government insurance is a mere fraction of what we pay in North America!

9. Can I use my cell phone there?
Yes, but it’s far more practical just to get a cell phone there. The monthly rates are incredibly low compared to Canada and you would avoid costly roaming fees.

10. What happens to my house when I’m not there?
Should you decide to rent your house out when you’re out of the country, we can assist you with that too. It is really important to have reliable support for the times when you are not in Costa Rica. We have strong connections in the community and can ensure you are in touch with maintenance and rental support when you are away.